Golden Words By Titles: "A"
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1.  Know The Earth

O man, know the earth and plant good crops, that are suitable to it.

2.  Know The Self

O man, know the self, cut away the earth, lose the self, and pray to God.

3.  Know The Seasons

O man, know the seasons and plow the earth.  Know the rains and sow your

4.  Dispel Your Evil Qualities

O man, dispel your evil qualities, destroy your mind, open your heart, and worship

5.  Know The Capacity Of One To Whom You Speak

O man, know the capacity, the maturity, and the qualities of one to whom you
speak, and then speak wisdom.  Otherwise, your words of wisdom will fall like
rain on a barren desert.  Nothing will grow.
6.  Know A Person's Qualities

O man, know a person's qualities before you form a friendship.  A friend with evil
qualities can turn your life into a corpse.

7.  Know The Qualities And Actions of God's Creation

O man, know the qualities and actions of God's creations and do duty with
wisdom.  If you do duty without knowing their qualities, they will kill you, and your
duty will come back to attack you.

8.  Do Not Gaze At A Beautiful Horse In The Wilderness

O man, do not gaze at a beautiful horse in the wilderness, intending to catch and ride it.  It will throw you to the ground.  You must train it, gain experience, and then ride.  That will be better.

Similarly, if you look for and trust only outer beauty - the beauty of a face, a person, or a word - it will throw you down and trample your life.  Think with wisdom, understand, then control your life.

9.  Tie Up The Heart

O man, tie up the mind, control your thoughts, and perform dhikr.  Then the world of souls, this world, and the next world will open and be visible to you.

10.  Know The Begging Bowl

O man, know the begging bowl and then give alms.  Know the family and then give away the bride.  Know the use of the pond and then wash your backside.  Know the fruit and then taste it.

Anything that you do that is based solely on outer appearances can destroy you, just as eating a beautiful but poisonous kanjuran fruit will kill you.

Think of each illustration and (then) act accordingly.  That will grant victory in your life.

11.  The Only Chieftain

O man, know the self and control your cravings.  Then you will know the only Chieftain.

12.  Cut Away Your Dreams Of The World

O man, cut away your dreams of the world.  Destroy the thoughts of your mind.  Open your wisdom and look.  You will see the open space and the light.

13.  Sift The Earth

O man, sift the earth.  Beat away the torpor of desire, and find the jewel of grace.

14.  Sift Yourself

O man, sift yourself.  Obtain determination.  Open out the faith of iman, and worship God.

15.  Kill Lust

O man, kill lust.  Receive God's compassion.  Destroy the arrogance of your destructive mind.

16.  Destroy Selfishness

O man, destroy selfishness.  Obliterate pride.  Overthrow the 96 obsessions which originate from bile, and search for our Father.

17.  Overcome Fascination

O man, overcome fascination, destroy mind, desire, and thought, and protect your honor.

18.  Cut Away Lust

O man, cut away lust.  Open the eye of wisdom, and worship the One who fills all the universes.

19.  Kill Arrogance

O man, kill arrogance.  Defeat ignorance, and develop patience.

20.  Know Your Birth

O man, know your birth.  Develop good qualities and search for a Shaikh.

21.  Kill Karma

O man, kill karma, and perform the good duty, which is known as dharma.

22.  Overcome Maya

O man, overcome maya.  Polish the mind.  Act with the qualities of God, and this will truly benefit you.

23.  Cut Off Jealousy

O man, cut off jealousy, and obtain peace of mind.

24.  Kill The Treachery And Deceit Of Them Mind

If you can kill the treachery and deceit of the mind, and search for grace, the treasure of Allah will be yours.

25.  Cut Off The Illusion Of Maya

O man, cut off the illusion of maya, and obtain peace of mind.  Dispel the sins of your birth and obtain the maturity of Allah's qualities.

26.  Cut Off Differences

O man, cut off the differences seen by the mind, destroy the separations caused by the mind, and attain the love of the soul, which will never depart or be separated from anyone.

27.  Control Desire

O man, control desire, destroy egoism, and make God's love grow.

28.  Lose Selfishness

O man, lose selfishness, serve God, and attain maturity.

29.  Open The Eye Of Wisdom

O man, open the eye of wisdom, look at the good and the evil goals of your mind, and choose the ones appropriate to God.

30.  Open The Qalb

O man, open the qalb, know God's meaning, and have faith in Him.

31.  Overcome The Five-Headed Cobra Of The Senses

O man, overcome the five-headed cobra of the senses.  Pull out its poisonous fangs, and blowing the melody of La ilaha ill-Allahu, make the snake of the senses dance.

32.  Destroy Both Joy And Sorrow

O man, destroy both joy and sorrow, open your innermost heart, and give your prayers to God.

33.  Plant The Tree Of Iman

O man, plant the tree of iman, drench it with the water of faith, pick the fruit of wisdom and eat.  Then you will perceive the sweetness of Allah.

34.  Give Up Your Attachments To Blood Ties

O man, give up your attachments to blood ties, seek the qualities of God, and you can attain devotion.

35.  Overcome The Miracles Of The Mind

O man, overcome the miracles of the mind, destroy the pride of the mind, join with the actions and qualities of God, and you will understand the miracles of God.

36.  Control Outer Sounds

O man, control outer sounds, listen to the sound of God, and you will understand its uniqueness and bliss.

37.  Control The Tongue

O man, if you can control the tongue, you will know goodness in your life, and the evil which might have come, will be far, far away.

38.  God Has Given You All His Wealth

O man, God has given you all His wealth, the wealth of the three worlds, of awwal, dunya, and akhirah.

Realize (this) with wisdom, (and) stop your begging.  Understand this treasure and you can give to all.

39.  Control What Is Known As "I"

O man, control what is known as the "I", and realize the rewards.

40.  Pull Out And Throw Away "Mine" And "Yours"

O man, if you can pull out and throw away what is known as "mine" and "yours", you will see all lives as your own.

41.  Control Lust

O man, control lust, and open the door of divine analytic wisdom.

42.  Control Your Cravings

O man, control your cravings and the begging of the mind will cease.

43.  Kill Your Temper

O man, kill your temper, seek wisdom, and attain the beautiful qualities of God.

44.  Kill The Impatience Of The Mind

O man, kill the impatience of the mind, and you will be able to achieve the bliss of wisdom, and you will be able to perceive the beauty of your life.
45.  Scatter The Darkness Of The Mind

O man, scatter the darkness of the mind, and you will be able to see the splendor of the grace of God.

46.  Patience Will Dispel Poverty

O man, patience will dispel the poverty of your existence, and then you will know the magnificence of your life.

47.  Chase Away The Mind's Fear

O man, chase away the mind's fear, and obtain the determination of the perfect faith called iman.

48.  Control The Hissing Of Your Anger

O man, control the hissing of your anger, and you will be rich in good qualities.

49.  Dispel The Visions Of Your Mind And Eyes

O man, dispel with wisdom the visions of your mind and eyes, and you will be able to reach the truth of the kingdom of God.
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50.  Know With Wisdom

O man, know with wisdom what mind and desire bring, accept what is good, throw away what is evil, and the journey will be easy to your earlier abode.

51.  Overcome Lust

O man, overcome lust, destroy passion, and open the eye of your wisdom to look at the world.  Then you will know your profit and loss.

52.  Cut Away Arrogance

O man, cut away the arrogance which arises from your vision, cut away the arrogance which arises from your thoughts, cut away the arrogance of sexual frenzy. 

Open out your wisdom, look, and you will see the place where God exists.

53.  Destroy The Qualities Of The Beast

O man, destroy the qualities of the beast with five mouths, and you will attain the exalted wisdom of grace.

54.  If Man Knows Man

O man, if man knows man, God will be seen.

55.  Analyze, Distinguish, And See

O man, analyze, distinguish, and see with wisdom, and you will receive the boon of the fullness of life.

56.  If Man Investigates His State

O man, if man investigates his state, his faults, and himself, if he understands his kingdom, if he judges himself, if he punishes his faults, he will become pure and innocent.

He will not face judgment in God's kingdom.  He will receive the fruits of God.

57.  Beat Off And Chase Away Avarice

O man, beat off and chase away avarice, and accept the priceless birthright of man.

58.  Drive Away The Agitation Of The Mind

O man, drive away the agitation of the mind, and study wisdom.

59.  Beat Your Roguish Mind

O man, beat the roguish mind with wisdom, instruct it, and your suffering will cease.

60.  When You Awaken From A Dream

O man, when you awaken from a dream, you do not see any of the things you saw in the dream, do you? 

Similarly, the dreams you see in your life are not real.  Forget them.  Open your life and look at it with wisdom, and you will see the truth of life.

61.  Do Not Suffer

O man, do not suffer by thinking unnecessary thoughts.  Past sufferings do not return. Think of what is happening now.  Plan the right steps with your wisdom, and act accordingly.

62.  Know The Elements

O man, know the elements and correct the senses.

63.  Know The Thirst Of Life

O man, know with wisdom the thirst of life, and drink the water of grace which will quench the thirst of your birth.

64.  Know Man

O man, know man, and you will know God.

65.  Know Your Heart

O man, know your heart and resplendent beauty will be seen in your face.

66.  Acquire God's Qualities

O man, acquire God's qualities and you will know the "Perfected Man", the Insan Kamil.  Follow him and the path to God will be clear.

67.  Do Not Grieve And Worry About Karma

O man, do not grieve and worry about your karma.  It belongs to the past.  Think of the unattached way in which God performs duty to all lives. 

From this very moment, do your duties in the same manner, with determination, and your earlier karma will no longer follow you.

When you become the light of wisdom, darkness can never conceal you.

68.  Know The State Of The Embryo

O man, know the state in which you were an embryo, and you will know the state of the One who created the embryo.

69.  Do Not Think About Flying In The Sky

O man, do not think about flying in the sky, and ruling the earth.  Conquer the mind which is ruling you, and seek to rule yourself.

When you are the resplendent "Sun" that gives light to all the universes, then the land, woman, and gold below will be only a tiny speck to your wisdom.

70.  Know Patience

O man, know patience and you will know the beauty and justice of Allah.

71.  Do Not Live Your Life Embracing The Religions

Do not try to live your life embracing the religions.  If you do, it will overturn your good qualities, and the compassionate justice of God within you, preventing you from performing His duty equally to all lives.

Realize this with your wisdom, and separate from yourself that which keeps you separate from Him, (that keeps you separate from each other, and that keeps you separate from the Creation of God within you).

Truth is the one thing that can never be separated from you.  If you embrace the truth, you will never be separated from it, and it will never be separated from you.  Truth is Allah.

72.  Know The Inner Patience Called Sabur

O man, know the inner patience called sabur, and you will understand the peace of Allah.

73.  To Whom Are You A Slave In This Life?

O man, to whom are you a slave in this life?  Think of this with your wisdom.  You are a slave, but you do not know to whom.  Which master has bought you?  Would it not be good to understand this?

You are a slave to the four hundred trillion, ten thousand occult energies of the mind, the cells, viruses, magnetic forces, maya, karma, arrogance, and bigotry, the egoism of the "I" and "you", blood ties, attachments, and desire for land, woman, and gold.

These and countless more are tormenting demons and fatal diseases that cause you the incessant pain of a living death.

You are not a slave to one master!  (No - everyone and everything is your Master).

When everyone and everything is your taskmaster, how can you complete the duties assigned by all of them?  Impossible, is it not?

Select one master for all these forces (which is your Shaikh).  With faith, certitude, and determination (in God) argue with Him, and then take the case to the court of justice.  The Head of that court will release you from your bondage.  He is God, Allah. 

The moment they see Him, all those who held you in bondage will run away, and He will grant you independence.  The One who frees you is the One who created you, the One who grants freedom to all.

Know Him and join Him, selflessly performing His duties and service just as He does, in these four ways: service to God, service to the laws of God's justice (which is service to the Guru), service to people, and service to the world.

To conduct yourself in this manner will grant you freedom in all three worlds: the world of the souls, this earthly world, and the world of the hereafter.  This will constitute the triumph of duty in true and complete freedom.

74.  Know The Contentment Called Shukur

O man, know the contentment called shukur, and you will understand God's state of judgment and His laws, and the duties He silently performs within His kingdom.

75.  Subdue The Fire Of Your Hunger

O man, subdue the fire of your hunger, and you will understand the Ten Commandments sent down by God to Prophet Moses, peace be upon Him.

76.  Know The Value Of Tawakkul

O man, know the value of tawakkul, of placing all your trust in God.  Then you will understand the explanation of the five and the six (the five outer and the six inner obligations), the power of prayer, the way to worship God, and the five times of prayer and its benefits.

77.  Know Iman (or Iman-Islam, the state of the Oneness of Man and God)

O man, know iman, and you will understand the rules and the content of Iman-Islam.

Iman, or absolute faith and certitude in God, is Islam.  The preface to Iman-Islam is patience, and then inner patience or sabur, contentment or shukur, trust in God or tawakkal-Allah, and giving praise to God for each thing that happens, or Al-hamdu lillah.

Whatever is to happen at the very next moment is known only to Him.  Therefore, we must say, "Tawakkal-Allah," placing all our trust in Him.  Whatever is given as nourishment at any moment we must accept with contentment (as both coming from Him and to Him), saying, "Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim", in the name of God, Most Merciful, Most Merciful.

We must praise Him whether we have been given a lovely feast or merely a glass of water.

Allahu ta ala, Almighty God, gave the power of inner patience to Prophet Muhammad Mustafar-Rasul (Sal.), and instructed him to tie it around his stomach in order to control the fire of his hunger and his desires.

He directed the Prophet (Sal.) to unfold the umbrella of patience and good qualities over all the universes and to embrace all lives within its shade.

Allahu ta ala (Almighty God) explained this step by step through the 6,666 ayats, the verses of the Qur'an.  The growth of good qualities and actions is called Iman-Islam.

In a hadith, Allah said,

"O Muhammad!  I would not have created anything but for you."

All of everything which feels the rays of His power is in a state of perfect purity.  Islam means purity; hence everything was created as Islam (as the purity of God).  But it is only when the grass and weeds that choke it are removed and it is allowed to flourish that it can be called Iman-Islam.

Allahu ta ala (Almighty God) bestowed this precious gift (of sabur or inner patience) upon an-Nabi Muhammad Mustafa (Sal.), who taught it to all those who had faith (in God).

Anyone who receives and tastes it (this wealth of sabur, and even more deeply this wealth of Iman-Islam) is a rich being.  Those who do not receive this wealth are the poor in akhirah, the hereafter.  In sha allah, if God so wills.  Allah alone knows!

78.  Understand The Meaning Of Al-hamdu lillah (the reality within each of us)

O man, if you understand the meaning of Al-hamdu lillah, of giving all praise to God, you will know that which is with you, which never comes or goes, and you will be dwelling with it.  You will be in communion with it at all times.

79.  Know The Poverty Of Lack Of Wisdom

O man, know the poverty of the lack of wisdom in your life.  Then the poverty that drags you down will leave.  When it does, you will receive the limitless wealth and grace of 'ilm, the ocean of divine knowledge (the primal pearl of wisdom), and you will be free of poverty in all three worlds.

80.  Use Divine Analytic Wisdom

O man, use divine analytic wisdom to analyze and understand the actions of your state, and eliminate the evils within you.  Then you will see tranquillity within yourself and all lives.

81.  Discover That Which Torments You

O man, discover that which torments you, and rid yourself of it.  Then you will be free of suffering, and you will not cause suffering to others.

82.  Fascinate With Wisdom

O man, fascinate with wisdom that which fascinates you, and the might of your life will be known.

83.  Fight The Demons Of The Mind

O man, with faith and certitude, determination and wisdom, fight and root out the demons of the mind, which attempt to fascinate and kill you, and the darkness of the fascinations will flee from the battlefield.

Freed of fear and anxiety, you will see only peace in your life, and the triumph of the soul.

84.  Overcome Hunger

O man, overcome hunger, and your maturity will grow.

85.  Overcome The Qualities Of The Five Elements (the five outer obligations)

O man, if you overcome the qualities of the five elements, God's qualities, actions, and beauty, will be revealed to you.

86.  Cut Off Karma

O man, cut off the karma that leads to your birth, and you will know the state of freedom from rebirth.

87.  Reach Allahu And His Kingdom

O man, to reach Allahu and His kingdom, transform the qualities of the five elements, and all the qualities and thoughts dwelling within your body, and be reborn in God's qualities and actions.

88.  Dispel The Darkness Of The Mind

O man, dispel the darkness of the mind, and the unchanging radiance of God's grace will be seen.

89.  Do Not Close Your Eyes

Do not close your eyes and carry a lamp as light for others, it will be dangerous to you.  You might fall down and burn yourself.

90.  Do Not Preach Wisdom To Others

Do not preach wisdom to others, when you have been unable to correct your own qualities and actions.

Like a man who closes his eyes and carries a lamp as light for others, it could be dangerous to you.

91.  Overcome Desire For Land

O man, if you overcome desire for land, the desire of the mind of illusion will flee from you in terror.

92.  One Who Conquers His Desires

O man, the one who conquers his desires becomes the ruler of his mind.

93.  Rid Yourself of Desire For Woman

O man, rid yourself of desire for woman, who plead, "Look at me, look at my beauty."  Then watch the karma of your birth run away from you.

94.  Overcome Desire For Gold

O man, overcome desire for gold, and without saying a word, the qualities that make you suffer and dance, will slip away from you.

95.  Chase Away The Blood Ties

O man, if you chase away the blood ties, if you chase (away) the bondage of the body, if you chase these (away) with your wisdom (with your connection to God), the laws of God's unfailing justice will be established in the world, and in your own judgment there will be no shortcoming or prejudice.

96.  Dispel Conceit

O man, dispel conceit, and see serenity in life.

97.  Lose Yourself

O man, lose yourself and do duty for others, and you will see within your life God's love and the love of all lives.

98.  Dispel What Is Known As "Mine"

O man, dispel what is known as "mine" and know the happiness of God.

99.  One Who Rids Himself Of "Mine" And "Yours"

O man, one who with his wisdom, rids himself of "mine" and "yours", will be able to see in his life only God, equality, and peace.
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100.  Dispel What Is Known As "I"

O man, dispel what is known as "I", and you will know God's justice.

101.  The Egoism Of "I"

O man, the egoism of "I" hurts the (true) self.  The haughtiness of "mine" torments you. 

If both the "mine" and "yours" go away, we will dwell in the open space in which all worlds are our world, and all lives are our life.  We will be in the state of Allahu, the all-pervasive omnipresence.

102.  Dispel What Is Known As "Mine" And "Yours"

O man, dispel what is known as "mind" and "yours", and you will understand the happiness and sadness in all lives.

103.  Rid Yourself Of Blood Ties

O man, rid yourself of blood ties, and God's state of perfection will be known.

104.  Cut Away Your Attachments

O man, cut away your attachments, and the evils that surround you will flee.

105.  Correct Your Mind

O man, correct your mind, adopt God's qualities, and you will receive the crown of God's kingdom.

106.  Plant The Seed Which Is Known As Love

O man, if you plant the seed which is known as love, and share the harvest with all hearts, then all lives will bow in respect.

107.  Do Not Form Your Obstinacy Into An Arrow

O man, do not form your obstinacy into an arrow to shoot at others.  It will turn back on you, and you yourself will receive the pain.

Use your wisdom to avoid that experience.  If you hold up the umbrella of serenity, you will bring tranquillity to yourself and to all lives.

108.  If You Know Yourself The World Will Shrink

O man, if you know yourself the world will shrink.

109.  Polish Your Wisdom

O man, if you polish your wisdom, you will understand the grace, the wealth, and the actions of God.

110.  Open Your Heart And Look Within

O man, if you open your heart and look within, you will understand your inner secrets.

111.  Understand Your Body

O man, if your understand your body, the world will be only a dot.

112.  Subdue Desire

O man, if you subdue desire, the pride of arrogance will die.

113.  Cut Off Falsehood

O man,  cut off falsehood, and know the truth of man.

114.  Eliminate Envy

O man, eliminate envy, and your wisdom will understand the equality and peace of all.

115.  Understand Man's Inherent Potential

O man, understand man's inherent potential, and attain the perfection of God.

116.  Open The Eye Of Wisdom

O man, open the eye of the wisdom of the soul, and the path of God's grace will be seen.

117.  Cut Away Birth

O man, cut away birth, and attain deathless life.

118.  If A Man Does Not Reflect Properly

If man does not reflect properly, and plan before he acts, he will suffer so much that he will wish he were dead.

119.  The Arrogance Of The Ego Torments Us

The arrogance of the ego torments us.  The pride and vanity of "mine", "my things", and "my possessions" distresses us.

Just as a particle of dirt which has fallen in the eye rolls around and causes pain, if the arrogance of feeling "I am the greatest" falls into the eye of wisdom, it will roll around inside and hurt so much that the eye of wisdom will be unable to open.

We will be forced to keep it closed.

120.  Doubt And Suspicion Are A Cancer

In man's life, doubt and suspicion are a cancer for which there is no cure.

121.  Anger Is Poisonous To Wisdom

Anger is poisonous to the wisdom in man's life.  No matter how wise one may be, when this quality enters him, its poison works to prevent his wisdom from functioning, and wisdom falls into a daze.

In the same way that a man goes into a coma when he drinks poison, anger is the poison which will make his wisdom fall into a coma, and prevent it from functioning.

122.  The Intoxication Of Lust

The intoxication of lust will burn up a man's eye of wisdom, and make him forfeit his honor and dignity.

123.  When A Man Harbors One Thing In His Heart

When a man harbors one thing in his heart, while saying something else outwardly, he will suffer as much as if he had been injected with the venom of a thousand poisonous snakes.

124.  Duty Performed With A Selfish Motive

Duty performed with a selfish motive is like oil poured onto a fire.  Such duty is a waste, fuel for the fire of hell, of benefit to no one.

125.  A Hasty Intellect And Anger

A hasty intellect and anger will destroy even the love of God. 

Hastiness and the anger which jumps to retort before another person has finished speaking will destroy the love that comes from the hearts of others, and even the beautiful love of God.

We must exercise patience and self-control.

126.  A Flower And Its Fragrance

If a husband and wife can control impatience and anger, they will become as suited to one another as a flower and its fragrance, living in harmony and without ever separating.

A husband and wife who reflect on this will mingle in the way fragrance mingles with a flower.  This will give them victory in their lives.

127.  A Spoken Word Can Be A Fault

A spoken word can be a fault, but a thought can be a serious transgression.

128.  Control Your Words

We must control our words.  It is wrong not to consider the import of each word before we speak it.

129.  Evil Thoughts

Our evil thoughts can make us guilty of faults more serious than all the karma of all the worlds gathered and rolled into one.

Our thoughts and intentions can be so poisonous that they make it impossible for our lives to bloom.

130.  Think, Reflect, And Understand

If we think, reflect, and understand, rather than making a hasty retort, our hearts will be filled with the resplendent light of grace.

131.  Religious Fanaticism

Religious fanaticism, bigotry, and strong feelings about one's own religion will destroy God's love for us.  They will also disrupt brotherly love and harmony.

132.  Racial Discrimination

Racial discrimination and bigotry will turn the world into a battlefield.

133.  Intoxicated With Conceit

To be intoxicated with conceit about our positions and titles will cause pain and torment to our own hearts, and to the hearts of others.  It will destroy true justice.

134.  Blood Ties

Blood ties (excessive attachment to our relatives) warp our sense of justice and fair play, and force us into wrong decisions and judgments.

135.  A Man's True Love

A man's true love will bring peace and comfort to the hearts of all lives.

136.  God's Love

God's love will comfort all lives equally, bringing them up without the slightest partiality.

137.  If A Man Takes On The Qualities Of God

If a man takes on the qualities of God, all lives will bow to him in respectful worship.  He will be a Father to all lives, and doing the duties of God, he will be a Son to God.

For such a man, patience is his body, and sabur, or inner patience, is his heart.

138.  Shukur, Contentment And Thankfulness (Gratitude)

Shukur, the contentment and thankfulness for whatever God gives, is the real prayer of our life.

139.  Tawakkul, Surrender To The Will Of Allah

Tawakkul, the surrender of everything to the will of God, is man's true wealth.  When one gives all responsibility to God, he will receive the greatest wealth of his life.

140.  Al-hamdu lillah, Praise To Allah

Saying that all praise belongs only to Allah, Al-hamdu lillah, is the direct prayer to God, when one has handed over his life to God.  It is his prayer and his worship.

141.  Do Not Cling To Your Monkey Mind

Do not cling to your monkey mind, expecting it to guide you along the path.  The monkey of the mind mimics what it sees.  Those are its pranks.

It will desert you in the middle of a dark jungle, and climb up a tree, while you become prey to dangerous animals of ignorance, and to dreadful ghosts, demons, and satans.

142.  Do Not Attempt To Cross A Lake By Holding The Tail Of A Buffalo

Do not attempt to cross a lake by holding the tail of a buffalo.  It will lie down in the mud when it gets to the middle, and because you will be unable either to go forward or to come back, you will drown.

143.  Do Not Attempt To Cross A Jungle Holding Onto The Tail Of A Tiger

Do not attempt to cross a jungle holding on to the tail of a tiger, hoping the tiger's strength will provide you with protection.  As soon as it becomes hungry, it will turn around and eat you.

The tiger is the jealousy that grows from your mind.  It will eat you, and then you will be unable to cross the dark jungle of ignorance which is your life.

144.  Do Not Hold Onto The Tail Of An Elephant

Do not hold on to the tail of an elephant to find a path through the jungle.  Trees and shrubs and stones all give way to the elephant.  But a tree that bends for an elephant will spring back and kill you after the elephant has passed, and the shrub's thorns which give way to an elephant will whip back and tear your body.

The elephant stands for the frenzied fury of arrogance.  There are three kinds: one, the arrogance which arises from what the eyes see;  two, the arrogance which arises from the brain and from what the mind conceives; and three, the arrogance which arises from the sexual fluids.

These are the three kinds of arrogance in maya; they can hypnotize man's wisdom and alter his state.  The frenzy of these three kinds of arrogance form the rutting elephant of the mind.

Wherever it travels in the jungle, it tears out a path for itself.  Do not follow it.  That path is not for you.

O man, it can kill your wisdom, your truth, your good qualities, your good thoughts, your faith, and your devotion to God.  It can ruin your life.  Do not follow a rutting elephant.

Use your wisdom, find the opening on the path of truth, walk along it, and escape from the dark jungle of ignorance.

145.  Do Not Preach Wisdom To One Who Lacks Wisdom

Do not preach wisdom to one who lacks wisdom (a direct connection with God), and faith in God.  Your wisdom will not enter him; it will be transformed into a dangerous weapon which will turn on you and attack you.

146.  Do Not Cast Pearls Before Swine

Do not cast pearls before swine.  Swine do not know the value of pearls. 

(In a similar way), do not cast the treasures of God, the  treasures of wisdom and truth before a man who is filled with suspicion, or one without faith in God.  Such a man will destroy what is good.

147.  Snakes May Appear Beautiful

Snakes may appear beautiful and graceful, with pleasant colors and scents, but it is not wise to capture one and bring it up. 

On matter how beautiful it seems, it has poisonous fangs.  If you wrap it around your body, it will display its poisonous qualities and you will die.

If you really want to rear a snake, catch it, hold it carefully, and remove its four poisonous fangs.  Then you might escape its poison.  But even then its qualities will not change; it will continue to hiss and bite.

Even when it poisonous teeth have been extracted, you must not handle it carelessly, for it has other teeth with mild poison which can also be dangerous.

In the same way, no matter how beautiful and loving a human poisonous snake is, he still has the four qualities of arrogance, pride, jealousy, and treacherous self-interest.  You must not embrace him or carry him on your body for the sake of his beauty.  You will suffer if you do.

However, if you first take away his evil qualities as you took out the snake's teeth, replacing them with God's love and wisdom, you may be able to embrace and carry him safely if you remain cautious.

That would be beneficial to both of you.

148.  Do Not Preach Wisdom To A Man Whose Heart Is Hard

Do not preach wisdom to a man whose heart is so obstinately hard that it will not soften or melt in feeling for others.  He will be unable to understand your true worth and the maturity of your wisdom.

Your wisdom will not penetrate him; he will convert it into a hard and hurl it back at you.  Not only that, he will pick up the black rocks from the mountain of his heart and throw them at you, too.

As a result, you may have to face many tribulations.  If you want to achieve mastery over your life, you must learn to avoid such people and go on your way.

149.  Do Not Intend Harm To Others

O man, do not intend harm to others, or it will cause untold harm to you.
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150.  Do Not Dig A Deep Pit Into Another Man's Life

O man, do not dig a deep pit in another man's life, trapping him, and treat him as an enemy, or that same pit will swallow you.

151.  Do Not Strew Thorns On The Paths Of Wise Men

Do not strew thorns along the paths where good and wise men walk, or one day those thorns will puncture you.

152.  Do Not Be Vain

O man, do not be vain, thinking that you are the most learned, that no one else has learned as much as you.  Realize that there is One who is learned to the learned, and mighty to the mighty.  Realize that there is an eternal God who is good to the good.

If you fail to do so, some day, just as a mighty elephant can trip over a tiny blade of grass, all your learning can be destroyed by an ant-sized particle of the force of the karmic ignorance of illusion.

It is possible to be destroyed by even an atomic fraction of the force of that maya, and all your learning would be lost.

153.  Do Not Follow The Ways Of The Mind

O man, no matter what you have studied or how much you have studied, do not follow the ways of your mind with conceit in your learning.

Ask a man of wisdom who is on the path and follow his directions.  If you do not meet a man of wisdom, lay your heart open and ask even a tree or a wall.

The power of God within your heart called conscience will caution you and guide you.  It will say, "Go" or "Don't go", "Right" or "Wrong".

If your heart is open, your conscience will provide useful fruit which will benefit your journey through life.

154.  A Doorstep Where Your Qualities Are Not Respected

"Do not set foot on a doorstep where you, your maturity, your wisdom, and your qualities are not recognized and respected."

"That would not be good for you", said the Shaikh to His eldest Son, the eldest in maturity of wisdom, among the Sons in whom He is fostering the growth of wisdom.

"If you do not allow your foot to touch that doorstep, you will benefit ten million fold".

155.  A House Which Does Not Welcome You

Then the Shaikh said, "My Son!  Do not eat in a house which does not welcome you, and feed you with an open heart.  To refrain from this will reward you ten million fold."

156.  Those Who Speak Not What Is In Their Hearts

The Shaikh continued, "My Son, there are those who live with you, join and play with you, but speak not what is in their hearts."

"To live your life avoiding their company will benefit you ten million fold.:"

157.  Accept Even A Glass Of Water From One With An Open Heart

Finally, the Shaikh said, "However, my Son, if you accept even a glass of water offered from the inner love of one with an open and melting heart, you will benefit the thirty million fold mentioned earlier, and a further ten million fold."

"Then you will be able to offer that bounty as comfort to the heart of the person who gave with such love."

158.  Life Can Be Contained In Two Words - Al hamdu lillah, and Tawakkal-Allah

My Son, your whole life can be contained in two words: Al-hamdu lillah, and Tawakkal-Allah, giving praise to God for everything, and absolute trust in and surrender to God.

Say, "Al hamdu lillah", and praise God for what is happening now.  Say, "Tawakkal-Allah", and give the responsibility to God for what is to happen in the next moment.

May you perform these two duties in the same non-attached state as God does His duties.  Make your life complete in these  two words.

After that, acquire the qualities of God, perform His actions, act with His conduct, coax His compassion into your heart, and feel all hunger as your own hunger, and all illness as your own illness.

Serve other lives and comfort their hearts in the way God does.  That duty will become your exalted wisdom, your prayer, and your meditation.

159.  Dispel Disease

Dispel disease with the wisdom of grace,  and old age will be overcome.

160.  Disease Is The Fruit Of Arrogance, Karma, And Maya (Illusion)

Disease is like the flourishing fruit on the tree which grows from the seed of arrogance, karma, and the illusion called maya.

The shoot germinates from the shell of love for land, woman, and gold.  The tree is the passionate frenzy of arrogance, and its branches are the six evils: lust, anger, miserliness, obsession, bigotry, and envy.

The four hundred trillion, ten thousand, flowers and fruits which grow on these branches are the worries, desires, cravings, thoughts, and intentions of man's agitated mind.

Day after day,  these are the illnesses which make him suffer the pain of a living death.  In his agony, man groans and wails, clinging to that very tree in hope of relief.  Time after time, he eats of its fruits, expecting them to comfort him.  This is the tree that cuts away a man's life.

If he digs it up, roots and all, and throws it away, then everything connected to it will leave him.  On that day, illness and aging will leave him, and he will acquire the light of wisdom.

When wisdom dawns, he will become a youth of sixteen.  He will receive the qualities and beauty of God, and thus acquire eternal youth.

161.  Dispel Old Age

If you dispel old age, you can attain eternal youth.

162.  Dispel The Poverty Of The Mind

Dispel the poverty of the mind, with the wisdom of the heart, and acquire the endless wealth of God.

163.  Dispel The Visions Of The Eyes

Dispel the visions of the eyes, and see the beauty of the Creator.

164.  Dispel The Visions Of The Mind

Dispel the visions of the mind, and see the resplendence of the Ruler.

165.  Dispel Karma

Dispel karma with wisdom, and hell will recede on its own.

166.  Eliminate Arrogance, Karma, And Illusion

Eliminate the primal qualities of arrogance, karma, and maya (illusion), and His grace will appear within you.

167.  Control The Tongue

Control the tongue, and receive the goodness of God.

168.  Speak With The Tongue Of Absolute Faith

Speak with the tongue of absolute faith, and all lives will praise you.

169.  When You Realize Yourself

When you realize yourself, within you, you will see all the lives of the world, and within the lives of the world, you will see your Ruler.

170.  Dispel The Outer Sound

Dispel the outer sound, and you will hear the inner sound.

171.  Dispel The Agitation Of The Mind

Dispel the agitation of the mind, and you will see the One who is the mystery of your victory in life.

172.  Dispel Desire For Gold

Dispel desire for gold, and receive the limitless wealth of the gem of the grace of God.

173.  Understand The Five

Understand the five - earth, fire, water, air, and ether - and you will know the One.

174.  Open Your Heart And Look Within

Open your heart and look within.  Use your wisdom to beat and chase away the poisonous qualities created from the five senses.  Then you will see only His beauty, and the praise called Al-hamdu lillah.

175.  Make The Flower Of Your Qalb Bloom

Make the flower of your qalb bloom, the flower of your innermost heart, and know the fragrance of grace within it.

176.  Stop Useless Talk

Stop useless talk, and the ears of your wisdom will hear God's words of grace.

177.  Understand The Nine Openings

Using your divine analytic wisdom, open and understand the nine openings in your body, and eliminate what is in each of them.  You will then see two other gateways within you, the 'arsh and the kursi.

The 'arsh is the station of the throne of Allah's sovereignty.  The kursi is the station of the explaining wisdom called the Qutb.  It is the eye of gnanam, or divine wisdom, in the center of the forehead, through which you will see and understand all the universes.

178.  Understand Yourself

When you understand yourself, then you will know the equality which is the birthright of all lives.

179.  One Who Knows Himself Will Rule His Mind

One who knows himself will rule his mind. 
One who overcomes the earth will overcome death.
One who kills the intoxication of lust for women will overcome all worldly fascinations.
One who cuts off his fascination for gold will overcome the karma of birth and death.
One who knows his real home will overcome all the karma and accidents which will come in his life.
One who searches for goodness will take on the qualities of his Lord.
One who understands truth will show only love and compassion to all lives.
One who understands Allah will utter with his wisdom the resonance of "Ill-Allahu, You are Allah", with every breath.
One who knows the perfect faith, iman, will lead a life of nobility.
One who knows his base desires will eliminate the egoism of the "I".
One who opens his wisdom will lose himself in Allah.
Anyone who knows all of the above will exist as a mu'mim, a true believer, in all three worlds.  Amin.

180.  Dispel Drunkenness

Dispel the drunkenness caused by intoxicants and you will understand the splendor of man's good conduct.

181.  Excess Desire

Excess desire causes the stupor of intoxication.
Excess speech leads to one's own destruction.
Even nectar in excess is poison.

But if a man uses his wisdom to keep everything within limits, his life will be exalted.

182.  The Subtle Secret

Know the subtle secret of your creation, and you can achieve liberation.

183.  The Secret (Form) And The Manifested Form

In Allah's creation, there is the secret (form) and the manifested form, sirr and sifat, and right and wrong, khair and sharr.

A man of wisdom must realize the difference between them and analyze them with divine analytic wisdom, which is the power of the Qutbiyyat.

Sirr is secret and unseen.  Sifat are all the visible creations.

When we analyze the sifat and go inward, we see the glory of Allah and say, "All praise is to God, Al-hamdu lillah!"

Sharr is the action.  Khair is the fruit of the action.

Both good and bad are parts of the body: khair is what is acceptable to iman, to perfect faith; sharr is what we must discard.  If we reject the evil and accept the good, placing it within iman, if we eat food that is halal or permissible, accepting only the khair, and act accordingly, we will resplend as mu'mim, as true believers, in life as well as in death.

We must realize this with our wisdom.  Khair and sharr are in Allah's responsibility.  Our wisdom must know the difference, take what is right, act on it, and praise only Allah with Al-hamdu lillah.

184.  Dispel Your Ignorance

If you dispel your ignorance, and search for wisdom, you can reach the resplendence of God.

185.  Kill The Fascination Of Arrogance

If you kill the fascination of arrogance, you can reach the good path, and be a friend to all God's creations.

186.  Understand Peace Of Mind

If you understand peace of mind with wisdom, you will know the utter peacefulness of God.

187.  Overcome Your Attachments

If you overcome your attachments with wisdom, you will earn the grace of God, and the love of all lives.

188.  Duty To All Lives

Perform your duty to all lives, without favoritism, and it will become the duty that God performs towards all His creations.  Act without expecting a reward, and you will receive the rewards of God.

189.  Tie Up The Monkey Mind

Tie up the monkey mind with wisdom, and receive God's crown of divine wisdom.

190.  The Mind Of Desire - Overcoming The Monkey Mind With The Mirror Of Wisdom

The mind was formed by the pressure between the earth and the air.  The monkey of the mind came from the intensity of the pressure within the mind. 

From that monkey came the antics and the pranks by which the monkey imitates what I has seen.  It is not capable of doing anything it has not already seen.

O man, because the monkey mind arises from the pressure between the earth and air, it will never die; it will live as long as man exists, as the pressure within everything that is created in form.  This is why it is called everlasting and is given the name Anjanehan.

There is not just one monkey, there are seven hundred million monkeys.  There are hordes of them - black, white, yellow, red, large, and small. 

The monkey mind exists as a pressure in one small part of man, as well as in every creations.

It will grab only what it has seen, that which has been created in form.  It will not try to catch what it has not seen.  Since God has no form, the monkey mind has not seen Him.  We can never show God to the mind, and therefore the mind can never be made to embrace Him.

O man, reflect on this.  Although this monkey is a tiny particle within you, it contains seven hundred million pranks through which all the monkeys have banded together to  tease you, and turn you into one of them.

Before that happens, we must overcome the monkey.  And since the monkey mind will not embrace God, we must devise another method.

Because monkeys can do only what they have seen, if we place a large mirror before them, they will see their own reflections and begin to imitate every one of their own actions.

They will grin, laugh, cry, and try to grasp their own images, thinking they are seeing their own kind.  They will become so engrossed with the reflections of their own actions that they will forget you and leave you alone.

Gradually, without food or water, they will grieve, waste away, and die.

The mirror is the power of wisdom which explains, known as the Qutbiyyat, or divine analytic wisdom.  If you place it in front of the monkey mind, the monkey will be kept occupied by grief over its inability to catch its illusory companions, and you can escape to freedom.

But until you place the mirror in front of it, you can never escape.  No matter how much you preach to that monkey, it can only do what it has seen.  No matter how much you preach about God, or the fear of God, it cannot understand because you can never show it God.

You can control the mind only by keeping it occupied with the mirror of wisdom.  There is no other way.  It is impossible to overcome it because it contains so many millions of monkeys and tricks.

There are monkeys like human beings, and human beings like monkeys, and both should be dealt with in the same way.  If you want to escape from them, you must go to a place that they have never seen.  That is the only way.

191.  Dispel The Dreaming Of The Mind

Dispel the dreaming of the mind, and see the radiant wisdom of the beauty of the soul.

192.  Reflect On Life - understand what we came with (Him & Us as One, in the form of
  the Nur Muhammad), and understand what we must go back with (Him & Us as
  One, in the form of the Nur Muhammad)

The Shaikh says: My Son!  You must reflect on the life into which you have come.  Everything you see is a transient, impermanent dream of your mind.

Do not bring your dream into your thoughts and hold on to the things you see, for you will not take them with you when you leave.

Think of that One whom you were holding on to when you came to this world (Him in the form of the Nur Muhammad) 

You  brought only one treasure with you at that time (Him in the form of the Nur Muhammad).  Seek to take back only that one treasure (when you leave) and discard everything else.  Reflect on this with wisdom.

It's all false!
It's all a dream!
It's all crazy!
It's all gone!
It's all right!
Let's see what's next.

My Son!  We must return with the same treasure we brought with us when we came here.  Throw away everything else. 

We must try to stabilize our lives so that we can go back to Him in the same way we came from Him (in the form of the Nur Muhammad)

We brought only Him (as the form of the Nur Muhammad), and we must take only Him (as the form of the Nur Muhammad) when we go.  Understand this, my Son.

193.  Understand The Thoughts Of The Mind

Understand the thoughts of the mind, with the wisdom which transcends intellect and reason, and you will know both good and evil.

194.  Trust Only The One

With wisdom, trust only the One, and you will see Allah, the Indestructible One, and the family of Adam (A.S.), which is our family.

195.  Do Not Trust In The World

Do not live your life by trusting in the world.  The world will surely deceive you.  Live your life trusting only that One.  He will support you with His hands and lift you out of any danger which may threaten.

196.  Act With Absolute Truth

Believer in (God) and act with absolute truth, and you will attain eternal life.

197.  Truth Will Win

My Son!  Truth will win, but truth can also kill.

If you follow God's path of truth, you will overcome all the forces and energies in the three worlds.  However, if you stray from the path of truth, the truth can kill you.

If you understand this and hold on to truth, as your eternal help in life, you will receive that help.  Your life will be the eternal life of God, and your duty will be the duty He performs.

198.  Understand The Ideas Of The Mind

Understand the ideas of the mind, filter them with wisdom, and with clarity, take in only the goodness, and reach the canopy of God's grace.

199.  A (True) Household Is Ruled By A Chaste Wife - use your wisdom to realize who is ruling you

My Son!  A household is ruled by a true heart.  The house of the heart is ruled by the chaste wife who represents the qualities of God.

Gold is ruled by the deceitful wife who is the evil qualities of the mind.  Gold is impermanent, and so is falsehood.

Use your wisdom to realize who is ruling you, and you will not want for anything in this world, nor will you face any suffering.
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200.  Catch The Wondering Mind

Try with wisdom to catch and tie up the wondering mind, and you will know the explanation of the unique birth of man.

201.  The Taproot Of Iman - can save your eternal life, the eternity of your existence

A tree is shaken by the wind.  Gales can blow it down or uproot it.  A tree can also be destroyed by fire.

Similarly, my Son, the eternity of your existence is threatened by the gales of your base cravings, the storms of your mind, and the fire of the anger of your arrogance.  They can uproot your (eternal) life and destroy it, in the same way a gale can uproot a tree, in the same way that a fire can burn it.

Therefore, just as the taproot of a tree planted deep and firm gives it stability, you must plant the taproot of iman, the taproot of faith, certitude, and determination in God, to give stability to your life.

Give Him the praise of Al-hamdu lillah, and surrender to His will, saying, "Tawakkal-Allah, it is all Your responsibility."

Develop the coolness of sabur (inner patience) and shukur (contentment and gratitude), to quell the fire of your anger, and the gales of your desires.  Then they cannot injure or destroy you.

202.  Act With The Qualities Of God

Act with the qualities of God, (and know that) God's qualities are His kingdom.

203.  Do Not Wander In Search Of God - instead take on the qualities of God

My Son, do not wander here and there to meditate and search for God, (that will not bring you any nearer to God).

Look at a crane as it stands patiently for six or eight hours at a time, waiting to catch a fish.  See how subtly it stands motionless on one leg, folding its wings, so that even its shadow is controlled.  It does this because it is hungry.

Similarly, if you have a selfish desire or a selfish motive for your meditation, whether you meditate in the forest or in the desert, your state is no different from that of a crane.

Does the crane attain wisdom, heaven, or gnanam, by standing motionless on one leg every day of its life?  One day it will die.  In the same way, man also succumbs when trouble or danger comes.

My Son!  Reflect on this and take on God's qualities.  God and His kingdom exist within those qualities. 

You must be like the lotus leaf that does not retain water on its surface even though it dwells in the water.  You must live in the midst of the hunger, illusion, and joys and sorrows of the world, without holding them within you. 

If you can stand alone like the lotus leaf, worshipping and merging in a detached state with the One who has no attachments, you will attain an exalted state in your life.

If you understand this and act accordingly, the kingdom in which you live will be God's kingdom, He will dwell where you dwell, the words you speak will be His words, and your breath will be His breath.  You must understand this.

204.  Correct The Thieving Tendencies Of The Mind

With wisdom, beat and correct the thieving tendencies of the mind.  Once those qualities are eliminated, you will dwell in a resplendent palace of grace.

205.  One Whose Mind Has The Qualities Of The Cat - is two-faced: affectionate on the outside, murderous on the inside

My Son!  The rat makes a noise when it runs, but when a cat is stalking a rat it walks stealthily, without the slightest sound.

In the same way, when the thieving mind and desire set out to capture something, their evil qualities of doubt, deceit, scheming, and treachery move softly and silently, like a cat, to kill the good things and faith in God.

Have you observed the cunning nature of the cat?  It looks innocent but moves furtively.  The cat will rub against and mew at anyone.  But have you noticed its qualities when it sets out to kill? 

In just this way, one whose mind has the qualities of the cat may show signs of affection outwardly, but inside he has the quality of wanting to kill.  You must take heed.  Be extremely cautious.  See that these qualities do not form within you.

The cat of the mind is two-faced: affectionate on the outside, murderous on the inside.  Do away with both of these qualities.  Beat them away with your wisdom.  Both the scheming and the pretense of love, are qualities which seek to kill.

Some people with human faces have these qualities.  The two-legged cat-men are the same as the four-legged cats.  Beware!   Use your wisdom to prevent these qualities from invading you, and you will see the state of equality, and God's grace, which comforts all lives.

206.  Kill Anger With Wisdom

Kill anger with wisdom, and sin will leave by itself.

207.  Five Things Which Must Be Remembered

My Son!  We are human beings, are we not?  In the subtle life of man there are five things which must be remembered:

1.  Resentment is an enemy to wisdom.
2.  Impatience eats up wisdom.

With wisdom, throw away both of these evil forces.

3.  Anger is the guru of sin.

If gas emanates from the fire of hell, it contains such force that it can burn a man's face, or even kill him.  Even if we could endure the smell of hell, the heat of the gas would kill us.

Like this, anger is a compressed gas which emanates from the hell of our bad qualities.  It will destroy anyone it strikes or anyone who contains it.  Prevent this gas from rising.  Use the resplendent wisdom of grace to completely incinerate that place called hell, so that the fire of anger cannot rise.

How should we destroy anger?  Anger is like an elephant in heat, which can be controlled only by a sharp goad used on its ear.  Similarly, pierce your anger with the goad of wisdom and make it cry in pain, instead of allowing it to make you cry in pain.

4.  Lust is greater than the ocean.

The sensual love that comes from the mind is vaster than an ocean.  Mind itself is an immense ocean of illusion, but if you love anything with the mind, that love is even more intense than the ocean of illusion.

Use your seven levels of wisdom to reduce that ocean of sensual love to the size of an atom.  Set it on fire with resplendent wisdom and reduce it to a mere particle, the particle of truth, of God.

5.  Duty is greater than God.

Since He has no form, no wife, and no children, God is free of suffering.  It is easy for Him to perform His duties.  But if you perform God's duties while existing in the vast ocean of illusion, your duty is greater than God's.

If you realize this, you will realize the state in which you are God's secret, and your secret is God.  You will see and reach God's kingdom within yourself, and your kingdom within God.

208.  Make Your Patience Grow

Make your patience grow, preserving it in the treasury of absolute faith, and receive the undiminishing wealth of a truly human life.

209.  Know The Seed Of Birth

Know the seed of birth, and then you will know the compassion and will of God.

210.  Understand Your Conception

With your wisdom, understand the germination of your conception.  Then you will understand the three times: the past, present, and future; or the world of the soul, this world, and the next.

211.  Understand The Heart

Understand the heart which is made of the five letters - Alif, lam, mim, ha, dal.  Then you will understand the horoscope of your body, which is made of the five elements - earth, fire, water, air, and ether.

212.  Discriminate With Divine Wisdom

If you discriminate with divine wisdom, you will know the explanation of the houses of the twelve planets of the body, its death, the end of its existence, and the conditions and systems governing it.

213.  Destroy Lust - and see the resplendence and actions of Allah

If you can destroy lust (which is loving anything through the mind), then the sensual pleasure of maya, or illusion, and the qualities of arrogance within you will die, and Allah's resplendence and His actions will appear.

214.  Know The Depth And Length Of Man's Life - by joining with a perfected  man, an Insan Kamil

If you know the depth and length of man's life, you will know how to cross the bridge of hell in your life. 

In order to discover this, join with a perfected man, an Insan Kamil.  He will show you the way to cross over not only the hell in life, but also the hell which may be yours on Judgment Day.

215.  Act With Unfailing Human Justice

Act with unfailing human justice and conscience, and you will become a representative of God, and a friend to all mankind.
216.  Do Only Good - always live only with Him, this will be the triumph of our life

My Son, do only good.  Speak only good.  Speak only the truth in your life.  Live in good conduct.  Speak only wisdom.

Give only love to all lives.  Praise only God.  Always live only with Him.  This will be the triumph of your life.

217.  Make God's Justice Into Your Justice - and make your life complete

Make God's justice into your justice.
Make God's qualities into your qualities.
Make God's actions into your actions.
Make God's conduct into your conduct.
Let your love be God's love for all.
Make God's patience into your patience.
Make God's intentions the intentions in your life.

In this way, your life will attain its completion.  You will be a tree of peace, giving fruits containing the nectar of grace, that will soothe the hunger for wisdom in your fellow beings.

218.  Understand The Words Of All Religions - and see God and all mankind in unity within you

Know, understand, and study with wisdom and truth the words of all religions, then the differences and divisions among men will be destroyed. 

If you understand this, you will see God, and the entire family of mankind, in unity within you.

219.  Satan Separated Man From God - and the evil qualities within man separated man from man

My Son, satan is the one who separated man from God, and the evil qualities within man have separated man from the one family of mankind.

If you understand this with your wisdom, and cut away the qualities which separate one man from another, you will never be separate from the family of man, nor will you be separate from God.

220.  God Has Decreed Death - God has decreed both death or sifat, and eternal life, or sirr, for man, but it is up to man to choose each in their proper time, for only by understanding the sirr, his eternal life, can man conquer the sifat, or his death, and exist thereafter as the dhat, as the essence of God's grace

My Son, God as decreed for man a thing called death.  It is the state of the manifestation of creation, or sifat.

God has also placed within man something called the secret, the sirr, which is man's eternal life.

If a man understands the sirr, he has conquered the sifat, or death.  One who has conquered death will exist as the dhat, as the essence of God's grace.

Death is an illness.  God has placed death in man so that through it man can come to understand the sirr.  One who understands this illness, and discovers the sirr, attains a state of eternal life.  One who does not understand this illness, and fails to discover the sirr, attains the state of death.

If you know and understand the sirr, dhat, and sifat, you can live forever, can you not?

221.  Understand What Is Within Everything - understand the sirr or secret within the sifat or form, becoming the dhat or essence of God's grace.  This is the clear study of wisdom

The Shaikh says: O Son, if you are to understand something, you must think about the cause within the cause, and the thought within the thought.

(This process is the clear study of wisdom - the understanding of the sirr or secret within the sifat or form, becoming the dhat or essence of God's grace).

When you look at something, you must open the vision within the vision, the scenes within the scenes, and the wisdom within wisdom.

When you look at prayer, you must understand and perform with wisdom the prayer which is within prayer.  If you are to love, you must understand the love within love.

O Son, if you are to study, you must first understand the learning within the learning, and then learn.  If you are to eat, you must start by understanding the taste within the taste, and then eat.

Like this, the clear study of wisdom consists of understanding what is within everything you perceive, and then finding the explanation.

If you understand with clarity, Allah alone will be within all you learn and all you see.  The one God is the (one) point (within everything you learn and see). 

If you find that (one) point (within everything you learn and see), you will praise only Him; you will not see or praise anything else.

My Son, learn and gain clarity with your wisdom.

222.  Reflect On Karma - karma is thought, the veil of thought which obscures the light of our wisdom, just as it covered our embryonic form

The Shaikh says: My Son, the world finds it easy to go around saying, "Karma, karma", but you must reflect on this with your wisdom.

God has given all His wealth to man - hell and heaven, good and evil, and all His qualities.  If man realizes this through his seven levels of wisdom, accepting and doing what is good while rejecting evil, there will be no karma for him.  Only the resplendence of grace will dwell within him.

How is this?  When clouds obscure the moon, not allowing its light to emerge, that is the moon's karma.  But the moment the clouds disperse, we see only radiant light.

Like the clouds, your karma is the thing that obscures the light of your wisdom.  If wisdom can make its resplendent light emerge, scattering the clouds and darkness, there will be no karma (for you), because darkness and shadows are karma.

When wisdom resplends without shadow as a complete light, karma will automatically recede.  Then there is no longer any karma, there is only completeness.

You must realize what karma is.  Karma is thought, the veil of thought which obscures wisdom just as it covered your embryonic form.  If the light of wisdom attains completeness, karma is driven away. 

Understand this and act accordingly, and you will shine as a true believer, a mu'mim, as the brilliant light of the sun to the world.  Then neither karma nor darkness will affect you.

223.  Act With And Cherish Good Conduct - and become the radiant beauty of God

Act with and cherish good conduct, and your beauty will become the radiant beauty of God, (as) revealed in your face and in your heart.
224.  The Ignorant Thoughts Of Doubt - must be dispelled from consciousness in order to see God

The ignorant thoughts of doubt must be dispelled from wisdom, in order to see tranquility and peace in your life.

225.  Understand The Treasure Of Peace - do selfless duty in an unattached way, by joining in partnership with God, to complete what God started within us

The Shaikh says: O Son, with wisdom you must understand the treasure of peace in your life.  Listen

Do not every give room to the thought of hurting anyone.  The idea of killing or hurting any life must be dispelled from within us.

No matter what duty you perform, do not seek the help of others in return.  Do not expect to receive a reward.  Do selfless duty in an unattached way.

In every duty, give up the thought that you are doing it.  Instead, act with the thought that God must do it, give Him the responsibility, and then perform the duty.  Even your intentions must be surrendered to God.

In your vision, action, thought, and wisdom, look at God first.  Place Him before you in your life, and follow Him.  Act with the qualities of God.

These will give peace and tranquility to life.  If you make these points firm and certain in your wisdom (in your direct connection to God), if your realize them and act accordingly, all lives will trust you and love you, and all lives will pay obeisance to your qualities.

226.  Make A Shore Of Divine Analytic Wisdom

For the waves of the mind in the ocean of illusion, make a shore of divine analytic wisdom and the waves, tides, and gales will cease.

The complete and perfect resplendence of the hundred beautiful names (of God), of the Asma 'ul-Husna of Allah, will be known and understood within your perfect faith.

That resplendence will resonate within your innermost heart, and radiate vibrantly within your wisdom, openly revealing bliss within the beauty of your face.

You will see the exaltedness of your life; you will see the treasure which causes all the lives of the world to have love for you.
227.  What Have You Come Here To Learn?
228.  Do Not Look At The World
229.  Do Not Attack Your Neighbors
230.  Do Not Be Jealous
231.  Do Not Be Proud
232.  Do Not Believe In Worldly Miracles
233.  The Only True Miracle
234.  Correct Your Own Heart
235.  Correct Your Own Mind
236.  Correct The Cage Of Your Body
237.  Correct Yourself
238.  Teach Yourself
239.  Talk To Your Heart
240.  Write The Story Of Your Own Birth
241.  One Who Studies Too Much
242.  Looking At The World
243.  Beautifying The Countryside
244.  One Who Seeks Praise And Titles
245.  One Who Searches For Beauty
246.  One Who Laughs At Faults
247.  One Who Laughs At The World
248.  One Who Feels Pride And Honor
249.  One Who Carries A Lamp
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250.  One Who Sets Out To Help The World
251.  One Who Attempts To Rule The World
252.  One Who Trains A Wild Horse
253.  One Who Roams In Search Of The Beauty Of Woman
254.  One Who Casts Horoscopes
255.  One Who Gives Medicine To The World
256.  One Who Attempts To Treat The Craziness Of The World
257.  One Who Fattens Himself
258.  One Who Sets Out To Guide The Townspeople
259.  One Who Earns Titles To Teach
260.  Crossing The Ocean Of Illusion
261.  One Who Sets Out To Teach His Neighbor's Children
262.  One Who Sets Out To Give Peace Of Mind To The World
263.  Do Not Ridicule Others
264.  Kill The Animals In Your Body
265.  Do Not Look At The Races Of The World
266.  Correct Your Intellect
267.  Perform Good Duty
268.  Search For Your Birthright
269.  Do Not Do Business With The Land
270.  Do Not Fight In The World
271.  Believe In The Truth Of God
272.  Destroy The Jungle Inside
273.  Mere Words Are Useless
274.  Care For Your Neighbor
275.  Do Not Scold Or Mock Others
276.  Do Not Look Down On Others
277.  Do Not Beat Others
278.  Do Not Steal The Property Of Others
279.  Do Not Murder Another Heart
280.  Do Not Covet Another Man's Wife
281.  The World Is Ready To Do Unto You
282.  Perform The Duties Of God
283.  Satisfy The Hunger Of Others
284.  Dispel Racial Differences
285.  Accept A Life Of Worldly Poverty
286.  Do Not Bring Up The Dog Of Desire
287.  Do Not Foster The Demon Of Craving
288.  Do Not Cultivate Doubt
289.  The Five Senses
290.  Nourish The Lives Of Others
291.  Do Not Seek Friendship With Anyone
292.  The Ways Of Your Wayward Mind
293.  Do Not Cry About Your Own Suffering
294.  See How Your Body And Mind Suffer
295.  Do Not Wander About Singing The Scriptures
296.  Everything That Comes To Your Mouth
297.  Understand Before You Say Anything
298.  Do Not Bundle Up Your Money
299.  Do Not Take Your Bigotry With You X
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300.  Keep The Treasure Of Patience
301.  The Five Sins Will Poison Your Heart
302.  Do Not Live In Anticipation
303.  God Is Not Bound By Time Or Season
304.  One Who Trusts God
305.  A Gnani, A Drunkard, And A Crazy Man
306.  Do Not Become Self-Satisfied
307.  Thinking Is Certainly Necessary
308.  Do Not Destroy The Dignity Of Others
309.  Do Not Intend The Ruin Of Others
310.  Do Not Measure The Mind Of Another
311.  Do Not Think To Rule The World
312.  Keep Only Allah
313.  Do Not Wear Allah On Your Head As A Cap
314.  The Seventy-Three Groups
315.  Do Not Let Greed Eat The World
316.  Tie Up The Monkey Mind
317.  Do Not Adorn Your Body
318.  Look Inside With Clarity
319.  The Ocean Without A Shore
320.  Separate That Which Separates
321.  Do Not Believe In Men
322.  Believe In God
323.  Use Your Wisdom To Deceive Your Mind
324.  Do Not Weep
325.  Harvest The Crop Of Wisdom
326.  Preach To Yourself
327.  If A Light Appears, The Darkness Recedes
328.  Dispel The Desire To Hurt
329.  Identify The Nature Of Man's Poverty
330.  Think Before Your Speak
331.  The Dam Of Wisdom
332.  Adorn Your Inner Heart
333.  Do Not Live Believing In The World
334.  Do Not Live Believing In The Monkey Mind
335.  Learn The Unity Of The Honeybee
336.  Do Not Cry For The Sake Of Money
337.  Do Not Live Believing In Horoscopes
338.  Eternal Life Within
339.  The Hungry Thief
340.  Know Who Is Really At Fault
341.  Swim Across The Sea Of Maya (Illusion)
342.  Control Lust
343.  The Snake Of Anger
344.  Water Of Wisdom
345.  Do Not Bring Up A Vulture
346.  Burn Away The Greed Of Your Miserliness
347.  Overcome With Wisdom
348.  The Tree Gives Its Fruit To Others
349.  Man's Bigotry

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